50 Person HSE Compliant First Aid Kit - Eclipse Box

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The decision on what is required in a first aid kit in the workplace is influenced by the findings of your first aid needs risk assessment and the 50 Person First Aid Kit has proven popular over the last decade and beyond. It comes in a stylish green first aid box and has basic first aid content for treating cuts, grazes and sprains and strains. This particular kit is suitable for a low risk environment where there are between 21-50 people present. You may wish to review the contents of this kit with the British Standard 8599:1 Kits which have a more comprehensive range of consumables and then choose which of the kits, the 50 person or one of the BSi Standard kits meets your own needs from your risk assessment.


Component Description Quantity
Small Medium Large
Safety Pins A pack of 6 1 2 2
Triangular Bandages Min of 20GSM non-woven material or cotton, not less than 90
cm x 90cm x 127cm
4 6 8
Eye Pad Sterile Dressing Conforming bandage, min 5cm width and min 1.5m
stretched length or elasticated looped bandage with an oval
pad: not less than 7cm x 5cm
2 4 6
Medium Sterile Dressing Conforming bandage: min 7.5cm width and min
2m stretched length, with an absorbant pad: not less then 12
cm x 12cm
6 9 19
Large Sterile Dressing Conforming bandage: min 10cm width and min
2m stretched length, with an absorbant pad: not less then 18
cm x 18cm
2 3 4
Nitrile Disposable Gloves Conforming to BS EN 455-1 and BS EN 455-2,
large size (8-9)
1 pair 2 pairs 3 pairs
Saline Cleansing Wipes Individually wrapped, sterile, min surface area of 80mm squared 6 10 20
Plasters Washproof - Bag 20 1 2 3
Guidance Leaflet Provides brief first aid guidelines 1 1 1