Blue Detectable Plasters Assorted Box of 100

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This box of 100 assorted blue detectable plasters is ideal for replenishing a catering first aid kit. Our range of blue detectable plasters are supplied with an aluminium sheet under the wound pad that can be detected by a metal detector making them ideal for employees working in the food processing and handling areas. They protect against cross contamination between blood and the products handled, whilst providing a visually detectable product due to its blue colour should the plaster become loose. All our blue detectable plasters are tested according to ISO 10993 and are hypoallergenic, non cytotoxic and latex free.

Blue Detectable Plasters Box of 100 Assorted Hypoallergenic Metal Detectable Ideal for Catering and Food Preperation Areas Tested to ISO 10993 Non Cytotoxic Latex Free