Premium Standard Sports Kit Complete in Medium Orange Bag

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Blue Dot Premium Standard Sports First Aid Kit contains all of the items required for treating minor injuries on the playing field. Ideal for the serious sports enthusiast - suitable for rugby, hockey, football, netball and cricket. Supplied in a handy zip bag which is bright orange for visibility. Ideal for small sports teams and minor sporting injuries.


20ml Sterile Emergency Eye Wash Pods - 2
Blue Dot Fabric Strapping 2.5cm x 4.5mtr - 1
Blue Dot Zinc Oxide White Tape 1.25cm x 10mtr - 1
Blue Dot Large Nitrile Powder Free Gloves (Pair) - 1
Blue Dot Sterile Saline Wipes - 4
Blue Dot Large Flow Wrapped Dressing 18cm x 18cm - 1
Blue Dot Conforming Bandage 5cm x 4.5mtr - 1
Blue Dot Medium Flow Wrapped Dressing 12cm x 12cm - 1
Blue Dot Crepe Bandage 7.5cm x 4.5mtr - 1
Blue Dot Flow Wrapped Eye Pad & Bandage No16 - 1
Blue Dot Crepe Bandage 5cm x 4.5mtr - 1
Blue Dot Assorted Washproof Plasters (Bag 10) - 2
Blue Dot Skin Closures 75mm x 3mm (Pack of 5) - 1
Blue Dot Sterile Gauze Swabs 7.5cm x 7.5cm (Pack of 5) - 1
Blue Dot Finger Dressing 3.5cm x 3.5cm - 1
Blue Dot Calico Unhemmed Triangular Bandage 90cm x 90cm x 127cm - 1
Blue Dot Boxed E A B 5cm x 4.5mtr - 1
Safety Pins (Pack of 6) - 1
150ml Freeze/Cooling Spray - 1
150ml Heat/Warming Spray - 1
Tuff Cut Scissors Small With Black Handle 6" - 1
Blue Dot Fabric Assorted Plasters (Bag 20) - 2
Easy Ice Disposable Instant Ice Pack - 2
Blue Dot Cohesive Bandage 8cm x 4m - 1
Blue Dot First-Aid Guidance Leaflet - 1